5 Core SEO Principles that You Can’t Run a Site Without

POSTED: 24 Nov, 2019

Forget AI and all the bells and whistles. Your site won’t make it into the top ten pages of Google if you don’t master these essential SEO principles.

The results on the first page of a Google search generates over 90% of traffic. So how do you get there?

Using HTTPS, paying for advertising, and more are all strategies for improving your rank. If you want to improve without spending money, you need to focus on solid SEO principles.

Here are five tips that will help you boost your SEO potential. Master them all and start to see results.

1. Optimise for Voice Search

The digital assistant revolution is here. From Siri on iPhone to Alexa in our homes, we’re one phrase away from summoning an online genie to do our bidding.

Your website might be optimised for regular online Google searches, but what about voice commands? In the future, experts predict up to 50% of all search will be through voice.

Start thinking about how you speak a question versus type one out. Add those keywords and phrases to your SEO strategy.

2. On-Page Optimisation

Link building, the practice of linking to authoritative sites and being linked to, will always have its place. That’s considered off-page SEO.

On-page optimisation focuses on improving each web page so that it ranks higher. Tactics include:

  • Writing simple, keyword-rich slugs
  • Use keywords in a title tag
  • Using relevant yet niche to your field keywords to stand out from the rest
  • Improve tags on the page

Go over your site with a fine-tooth comb. There’s always an opportunity for improvement.

3. Image Alt Tags

Adding descriptive tags to your images is one of the easiest ways to improve SEO. Google needs to understand what your images are and how they work with your content.

Add a description under the image itself, then add alt tags. Alt tags should include your keywords at least once and a clear, concise description of the image.

4. Grab the Snack Pack

Ever ask a question on Google and see a blurb that answers it on the search page? Maybe there’s even a little drop-down menu with other questions and answers?

That’s called the snack pack. This is especially relevant for those looking for a local SEO booster.

For local businesses, make sure your Google My Business profile is completely optimised. Your name, address, and phone number should be the same across your Google, website, and social profiles.

For general SEO, consider including blog posts with questions and answers. Create a FAQ page about any products or services you offer.

5. Create Clickable Content

What really gets your page noticed? Ultimately, it comes down to having what people want.

Research your niche. Answer customer questions. Think about your business from all angles.

Create the kind of content that people can’t resist clicking on and you’ll see your rank climb.

Master These Five Core SEO Principles

There’s a lot more to learning how to rank high online. Mastering these five SEO principles are essential to making it to the first page.

Algorithms are changing every day. It’s important to stay on top of the latest trends and always keep learning.

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