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More website visits doesn’t necessarily mean more sales. Focus on increasing your conversion rates and watch sales grow.

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Traffic = sales – right? Not necessarily.

If you have web traffic, but see little if any engagement, then you probably have a lead conversion problem. What do we mean by ‘lead conversion’? Simply put, any visitor to your website is considered a lead, no matter how they get there and conversion is turning that lead into a sale – the critical part.

Traditionally a conversion of lead to sales of 2.5% was considered good, but it meant you needed a lot of traffic to sustain positive sales numbers. But by increasing lead conversions from 2.5% to 5% without changing traffic numbers your sales number double, and without costing you any more in traffic acquisition.

This is where we come in. We can turn web traffic into sales with some essential elements designed that make your business a magnet for potential customers. See below for our recommendations or contact us to get your online sales machine converting leads to customers today.

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Lead conversion toolbox

Starting a new business or looking to revive an existing one, focus on these key areas for optimum lead conversions.

Does your logo fit your brand?

  • Does it look professional?
  • Does it relate to your customer-base?
  • Does it work for all touchpoints from online to print to signage?

If not, then we can help design an impactful trademark.

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Does your brand appeal to your demographic?

  • Does it convey your business’s story quickly?
  • Is it consistent across all your customer touchpoints?
  • Does it give your customer confidence in your ability to deliver?
  • Does your message inspire customers to engage?

If not talk to us – we have spent years brand building for successful businesses.

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Does your website convert leads to customers?

  • Does it quickly demonstrate your uniqueness?
  • Does it have a strong ‘above the fold’ call to action?
  • Does it feature contact options on every page?
  • Does it have concise content that speaks direct to customers?
  • Does it showcase your ability to deliver?
  • Does it work for mobile devices?
  • Does it load quickly?

If your website is missing any of these, it’s costing you money.
Talk to us – we specialise in designing and building websites that focus on lead conversions.

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Is your online marketing correctly targeting potential clients?

  • Do you advertise on Facebook or Google with success?
  • Are the ads correctly targeted?
  • Are they written to appeal to potential customers?
  • Do you have conversion rate over 5%?
  • Is your website properly search engine optimised?

If not talk to us – we can help sort out your online advertising presence or simply hand you the leads.

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Where to next?

If you want to know more about implementing the best lead conversion tools, give us a call or message us and we’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements.

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