4 Core Brand Elements to Incorporate Into Your Brand Identity

POSTED: 08 Jun, 2021

Will consumers recognize your brand logo without a theme line or company name attached? Having the correct brand elements will make it possible.

The process of creating a brand from scratch is momentous and exciting. But it also comes with its fair share of challenges, which means that many business owners choose to hire a specialized partner to handle the creative workflow.

If you are about to launch your own business, you’ll need to invest the right amount of resources into building a unique, memorable, and inspiring brand. Do you know, though, what specific brand elements you’ll need to include?

Read on to find out how to take your brand identity to the next level with these 5 must-have elements.

1. A Brand Name

First of all, you’ll want to choose a company name. There are several factors to consider while you’re doing this. One of the most crucial ones is that it needs to be a unique, original name that has not already been picked by anyone else.

Then, you’ll want the name to be a true representation of what your brand stands for. Its mission, vision, values, services: everything needs to be reflected in your brand name.

2. A Brand Tagline

Do you know the short phrase or slogan that immediately follows a brand name? Well, that’s your tagline. Taglines are ways to strengthen your brand name and identity further, by providing some more insight into what you are all about.

To come up with a tagline, you’ll need to think about a brief, compelling, and easy-to-remember way to inspire and grab the attention of your customers.

3. A Brand Logo

What would a brand be without a beautiful, eye-catching, iconic logo? This is often one of the most challenging (and crucial) phases of building a great brand identity.

Logos have the power to speak about the brand without using any words. By simply visually representing your brand, your logo will immediately tell the world who you are, what you sell, and why you are great.

4. A Brand Manifesto

Writing a brand manifesto is another way to build a strong brand. A manifesto should be a short, punchy, and concise written statement that asserts your mission, vision, and values.

Remember, though, that the most successful and effective brand manifestos are those that put the customer at the forefront. You should present them as the protagonists, and tell them about how your brand can help them improve their lives.

Nail These Brand Elements to Boost Business Success

To create a brand that your customers will love and identify with, you need the five brand elements that we described in this guide.

Remember to select a brand name that reflects your mission and vision, a tagline that elaborates on it, and a visually attractive logo. Then, dig in a bit deeper into your brand core values by creating a brand manifesto that illustrates your company in more detail.

Need help with any of this? Contact the team at Zephyrmedia and we will be thrilled to help make your new brand an utter triumph.