Google Advertising

Drive traffic to your business and increase sales

At Zephyrmedia, we build websites that look great and are easy to use. For great search results we also offer a search engine optimisation service which optimises your website for the most relevant search terms for more traffic and greater sales. However, high native search rankings takes time and for instant first page search engine results a Google ads campaign can be the answer. We offer a comprehensive service to get your business on that first page by writing, optimising and distributing Google ad campaigns to ensure the widest exposure.

Quickly get your business to the top of Google search listings.
Let us run an ad campaign that will increase your online sales.

  • Writing

    We write the ads

    Using information from your business we taylor the ads to appeal to your customers.

  • customers

    We target your customers specifically

    We can target your clients by gender, age and location to ensure we are directly reaching those most likely to buy.

  • Content Added

    Convert ad clicks to sales

    We build landing pages that highlight your product or service, leading to more sales conversions.

  • Optimised

    Constantly Optimsed Campaigns

    We review the ad campaigns weekly to ensure they are performing well and chnage them if they aren't.