Helping your website rank higher

At Zephyrmedia, we build websites that look great and are intuitive to use, but that alone won’t produce great search results. Our search engine optimisation service optimises your website for the most relevant key terms for your business leading to more traffic and greater sales.

Search engine optimisation for a higher ranking website

  • Research


    We start by using researching meterics from Google to determine what are the most searched key terms related to your business.

  • Unlimited Pages

    SEO Content

    Once we know the key terms to target, we rewrite content on those pages to ensure the key phrase its used to optimum amounts.

  • Code

    Meta Data

    We ensure all pages have an optimised meta title, meta description and on-page alt tags for images. This helps search bots correctly rank the page.

  • Optimised

    Optimsed Code

    We also look at how fast the page loads, and add any minifications or optimisations that may help speed up load times.

  • Sitemaps

    XML Sitemaps

    To help search bots index websites an XML sitemap should installed at the top file level. We ensure this is correctly working and updating on site modification.

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

    Lastly we connect your site to Google Analytics so that we can track site visitors. This data is then used to make future content modifications for even better search results.

Want instant results?

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