5 tips for great a website

POSTED: 01 Apr, 2015

Need a new website or starting a new one, here are 5 tips that will get you off to a great start for both your customers and Google.

Build a successful website with these helpful tips.


1. Be mobile-friendly

With a large portion of web searches done on mobile devices and Google now giving mobile-friendly websites better search results, its crucial for your website to be easily viewed on mobile devices.

2. Select great key search phrases

Your website is ranked based on the content, so be sure to include as many key words and phrases in the text and headings as you can to get the right kind of results. Include location and key words that relate directly to the type of business.

3. Clean professional interface design

Ensure your website looks professional and gives a good impression upon first viewing. Most judge a website in the first few seconds so keep them clean, easy to read, limited your colour pallet to just a few main colours and structure it for easy navigation.

4. Easy to use navigation

Save your clients from the frustration of loosing their way from poor navigation by highlighting it in a position that is easy to see with all navigation links clear in visual style and meaning. One word navigation items work the best (eg. home, about, services) as they unambiguous and intuitive. Drop down menus are great for sites with complex structures.

5. Content is king, add a blog

What search engines like the most is fresh content – lots of it and often. Most websites pages, about us, services etc. don’t need to change very often and can lead to a stale website, but a blog can add information to the site that bring users back for more time and again. Just keep it interesting.


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