Digitally store business cards on your phone

POSTED: 08 Jun, 2016

Haystack is a great app to help you manage all your business cards. Great for people on the go who want to keep it all on their phone.

Create your new, beautiful card in 30 seconds.

Never get caught without a business card again – Haystack cards are easy to create, look professional and FREE!

Share your Haystack card with anyone.

Doesn’t matter what phone they have, whether they have the app, or what shoes they are wearing – your Haystack card will just magically work.

Scan the business cards you receive.

Some people still believe in paper. Just snap a photo of their business card and Haystack will put their details where they should be – on your phone.

Haystack cards auto-update.

Haystack cards keep everything up-to-date. When your contacts get a promotion, change jobs, or offices, so do their contact details on your phone.

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