Google drops the serif: the public lets loose

POSTED: 04 Sep, 2015

Google has revealed a new logo – a fresh sans-serif font, brighter colours and it’s captured attention of the design world, but not for the right reasons.

Google – the world’s most popular search engine – has revealed a new logo. It features a fresh sans-serif font, brighter colours, smooth kerned edges and it has captured the attention of the design world, but not for all the right reasons.

Switching up the humble serif heritage of the iconic 1998 logo design, used by millions daily is bound to have an impact on the brand identity and product relationship. It’s gone from professional to schoolyard playful and not everyone is happy.

The company revealed the changes in an animation on and a video that takes viewers on a journey through Google’s logo history.

@_prkr (Parker) thought the new logo is a dangerous move for Google and went as far to say that “I think it’s some of the worst identity work I’ve seen. The playful undertones don’t match Google’s professional product offer. Losing the loop on the lowercase g is a distinct departure of character and devalues what was a very recognisable part of their identity”.

The redesign also sees the introduction of new elements including four ‘google dots’ which will appear during assistive and transitional moments and a compact ‘G’ designed for small contexts like in apps. Google explained the new and improved look is intended to suit the shift in users devices and platforms. No-longer is Google only accessible on a PC. It is used across a range of products, apps and mobile devices.

The company released a blog about the evolution of the Google identity, explaining that “Users now engage with Google using a constellation of devices, and our brand should express the same simplicity and delight they expect from our homepage, while fully embracing the opportunities offered by each new device and surface.”

Creating a more user-friendly logo should make us happy. But it’s been criticised as “grotesk” and “avant-garde – but not in a good way”. However it’s also been praised with some of our followers loving the childlike, simple and fun identity.

In the words of our instagram follower @mitchwalder: Will the serif survive the sans of time? 

While the loop in the lower case ‘g’ is missing and it is no longer Google as we know it, the company’s integrity still remains as a recognisable search engine. It kept the core four colours, the clean white background and left the rotated ‘e’ of the previous logo paying homage to Google always being a bit unconventional. A verb in itself and popular lingo, ‘Google it’ is so inbred in society a little shake-up of the logo was inevitable in todays digital age.

The company concluded the logo evolution by saying “as we move forward creating new products and experiences, we hope this work will continue to deliver the simplicity and delight you expect from Google—wherever new technology may take us.”


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