How to Code a Website for Your Small Business

POSTED: 17 Nov, 2021

Every computer app and website site uses coding as a foundation. Read this guide to find out about coding to make a website to grow your small business.

Are you planning to build a website for your small business?

Interestingly, half of the businesses in Australia lack a website. In a dynamic world of cutthroat competition, website presence can give you the necessary edge.

One of the essential elements in website-building is coding. It is the element telling the computer a set of specific actions. Without it, your website will not function.

As a beginner, you will have no idea how to code. However, our guide can help you get started. Continue reading for a lowdown to coding to make a website for your business.

Coding to Make a Website Using WordPress

One of the most popular ways of coding to make a website is through WordPress. It is a website builder platform allowing you to create a custom website without technically learning how to code. WordPress has various features taking care of the coding on your behalf.

Start by getting a domain name and a web hosting provider.

Some web hosts offer packages with free domain names. After securing a domain name, install WordPress and pick a user-friendly plugin.

Pick one allowing you to drag and drop the pages. Use helpful plugins to fill your website with the essentials like sidebars, footers, and a navigation menu.

Get plugins from reputable sources. Be wary of plugin bugs making WordPress sites vulnerable to hacking.

Code a Website From Scratch

Lastly, you can learn coding to make a website from scratch. Coding a website involves understanding web development fundamentals, such as HTML and CSS.

HTML defines the contents and structure of your site. On the other hand, CSS deals with a web page’s elements and presentation.

You can learn about these topics through free online courses. You can complete these in half a day, but you need to spend hours of practice.

After immersing in HTML and CSS, install Bootstrap. It is an open-source toolkit for building sites via HTML and CSS.

Next, pick a design from Bootstrap’s optimized templates. Use the HTML and CSS to customize your website, starting with the homepage.

Add your content and images and change the page title. Customise the other blocks like the “contact,” “footer,” “services,” “portfolio,” and “call to action.”

Apply the final touches for your website’s fonts and colours. When deciding on these elements, consider your brand identity. Use colours to represent your business ideals.

Mistakes to Avoid in Web Development

When developing your website, never forget to optimise your site for mobile. Consumers are now using their mobile phones to shop. If your site is not mobile-friendly, they will likely move to your competitors.

Avoid neglecting your search engine optimisation (SEO). Double-check your company’s information and contact details.

Let’s Build Your Website, Today!

Learning how to make a website with coding allows you to build an online foundation for your business. If you have no time to learn about coding, we can take over.

We will handle coding to make a website for small businesses. Connect with us and begin with your project now.