How Website Design Can Market Your Brand and Business

POSTED: 23 Sep, 2020

Website design does more than just look pretty for your business. It can also help solidify and market your brand.

Did you know that e-commerce sales have increased 129% since last year in North America? Online sales in the United States alone is projected to be over $700 billion in 2020.

The future of many businesses is online. That’s where people are shopping. You need to ensure that your website design is working for you.

Want to learn more about how to market your brand and boost sales? Keep reading below to see how your website can accomplish these things.

Why Should I Worry About Website Design?

Consumer behaviour has been shifting for years. More people are now going online to shop for goods or request services.

The COVID-19 pandemic put an even bigger emphasis on websites. Businesses without websites or ones who haven’t updated them for years are at a disadvantage.

We want you to know that quality websites help to establish and expand your brand. Design is a major part of this goal.

Online visitors form an opinion about your business in seconds. In fact, the average time spent on your website is 15 seconds.

Your design needs to be on point to establish trust and prompt them to buy.

Good Design Enhances Website Marketing

Besides making a good first impression, a well-designed website can help with sales.

As a digital marketing agency, our team understands that websites with designs pleasing to the eye hold people’s attention. The longer they’re on your site, the more likely they are to buy something.

Generating leads is another vital part of your business. Good web design will prompt visitors to enter their email addresses or sign up for newsletters to get more information down the road.

And, finally, your website’s design can facilitate conversions. After establishing trust with a potential customer, good web design will include targeted call-to-actions or CTAs to get them to buy something.

Don’t forget that your online content should be optimized for SEO marketing. This ensures your website ranks high in searches.

Web Design Tips To Maximize Your Site

While our team recommends hiring a professional to help with your website design, here are some web design tips to make your site the best it can be:

  • Optimize your website for mobile users
  • Use a visual hierarchy to direct visitors to key information
  • Embrace the white space and don’t clutter your pages
  • Keep your content easy to read and consider website SEO
  • The layout should make navigation easy
  • Ensure your website reflects your brand in colours, logos, and copy

Approximately 38% of online visitors won’t interact with your site if it’s disorganized or unattractive. We recommend you understand what shoppers expect from websites.

Ready To Maximize Your Website Marketing?

Your site is an important tool for your business, and website design can make or break your marketing efforts. It’s never too late to build or update your site. Simply follow some of the tips we shared above.

Need help with your website? Or don’t have the time to dedicate? Our digital marketing agency can help you become competitive in the world of e-commerce.

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