Australian Coastal Restoration Network Brand

The Challenge

Create a logo representing a network of researchers across a broad spectrum of disciplines that focusses on coastal restoration. The logo needs to works at all sizes and resolutions as it will be applied across a number of mediums including digital, print and social media.

Our Approach

As with all logos we design, we focus on simplistic complexity. We had a clear idea from the start of what would work and focussed on visually displaying the main objectives of the organisation – coastal restoration, and network – though a icon graphic that overlayed one on the other.

We started with a simple vector illustration of a coastline as seen from above using colour to clearly demonstrate  research areas – land, beach and sea. Over a few variations we added more detail to the land and sea areas to create the illusion of natural areas. We then added various versions of an network overlay settling on one which gives a spherical appearance to the icon.

To complete the logo we added the name of the organisation to the left of the icon using a modern sans serif font. We used a wide letter spacing for easy viewing at small sizes and for a classic sophistication.

By incorporating a round logo into the design we set up the identity to be easily used on social media, a key component for the brand moving forward.

Services Delivered

  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Digital Suite of Logo Files
  • Logo Usage Guide
Logo Design by Zephyrmedia
Logo Design by Zephyrmedia