Cult of Chilli

The Challenge

Create a brand and character illustration for a Chilli Seed reseller that infuses a sense of fun, cheekiness and heat.

Our Approach

The client expressed an idea of the kind of character they envisioned but left the details to us. This gave us free reign to design a character we felt worked for the brief. Illustration is a time-consuming skill so it was important to work in small stages, where the client was involved in each stage to ensure we were on the right track. By never jumping to far ahead between proofs we were able to keep the project on track and on budget.

As always we start with rough digital illustrations, slowly building up details and colours until the client is happy. We then convert the line art into vector where we clean up line work and add colour. By the end we have a full vector illustration that can be used for both print and digital media at perfect resolutions.

Illustrative projects can sometimes stir the creative juices into a frenzy. Never more then for this project where the client gave us extraordinary creative freedom.

Services Delivered

  • Logo Design
  • Illustration

Tony demonstrated an amazing creative flare and technical skill in bringing our brand to life. Volton the Chilli Overlord was born. Our initial logo brief of cheeky and a little anti - establishment was perfectly interpreted by Tony and far surpassed our expectations. We will definitely be coming back for more.

Rebecca, Chilli Seedz

Cult of Chilli Logos by Zephyrmedia
Volton Illustration by Tony Cowan