Helping Hands Responsive Website Design

The Challenge

Helping Hands recently contracted Zephyrmedia to redesign their website experience and upgrade the site to take advantage of the latest responsive interface techniques.

Our Approach

We approach website design by considering this mantra – don’t make me think. We know that even though users spend less time on websites actually reading content, they are familiar with the way they work. So while we aim to make our site designs fresh, we build in basic functionalities that work as other sites, ensuring user focus is on content and not on the interface.

By modernising the website design and development, we were able to improve all aspects of the website user experience as well as adding improvements to owner maintenance procedures, speed and search engine optimisation.

The site uses a custom coded theme which is optimised for speed with minification and asymmetric loading of scripts practices employed to give the site the best chance of high native search engine ranking.

Services Delivered

  • Custom Interface Design
  • More intergrated user experience
  • Easy website maintenance
  • Custom Theme Coding
  • Content Management System
Responsive Website Design by Zephyrmedia
Responsive Website Design by Zephyrmedia