Link Energy

The Challenge

To create a stylish, yet functional, solar panel company website for a professional audience.

Our Approach

We approach website design by considering this mantra – don’t make me think. We know that even though users spend less time on websites reading content, they are familiar with the way they work through constant use. So while we aspire to make the design fresh, basic functionalities should still feel familiar.

In this case, the website design breaks the content into chunks, increasing quick glance readability. The more important the information, the larger or more prominent the colour. The colour scheme and fonts were chosen to compliment the brand style and to enhance visual appeal through the use of clear contrasting colours and brand consistent serif fonts.

The site is coded for speed with minification and asymmetric loading of scripts practices employed to give the site the best chance of high native search engine ranking.

We worked with an existing brand on this project, ensuring the site followed the same design principles.

Services Delivered

  • Visual Design
  • Responsive Design
  • Theme Coding
  • Content Insertion
  • Prototyping
  • Testing & Validation

The team at Zephyr Media have been responsible for the design of more than 4 of our websites. Tony and his team are professional, accurate and make the daunting task of creating website all that much easier. The team at Zephyr really make a big effort to understand your needs and what you envision your site to be, and they have always done a fantastic job of delivering on their promises in a timely fashion.

Michael Ziada, Brand Manager, Powerark Solar

Website by Zephyrmedia Gold Coast
Website Design by Zephyrmedia
Website Design by Zephyrmedia