TropWater Research Report

The Challenge

Zephyrmedia undertook the design of the 2015 TropWater Report. The report was requested to showcase the extent of research, industry and community engagement the centre undertook in 2015.

Our Approach

We approached the design knowing the client’s desire to see extensive use of photos throughout, and planned a layout that would feel consistent, yet flexible enough to allow for varied image usage on each page. Full page blue sectioning breaks up the predominantly white layout aids with browsing and adds visual interest to the document. To complete the production of the report we employed a matt celloglaze on the cover, combined with a satin paper stock to deliver a quality end result.

Overall the report has achieved its aim of professionalism and authenticity and has been well received by the client, industry, the public and other stakeholders.

Services Delivered

  • Graphic Design
  • Pre-press
  • Printing