Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Rank higher natively with SEO services from Zephyrmedia

Our SEO services are a set of best-practice principles incorporated into website content and coding to increase native search ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). From coding optimisation to content to meta data, we understand what is required to gain quality ranking scores and achieve the best results.

Old website or new, if you’re looking to maximise your online presence, we can show you how.

SEO Services by Zephyrmedia Gold Coast


First step is ensuring you are targeting the right key words and phrases your customers are searching for. As part of the SEO services we offer, we review your local industry to establish the most searched key words and phrases. We’ll then research the best of those to determine which ones to target.


Once we’ve a set of key words/phrases to work with, we’ll either write or revise website content to incorporate these ensuring relevancy and consistency of message and best SEO implementation. From headlines to bullet points to general copy, we’ll ensure the content is relevant to your clients and meaningful to the search engines.


Along with what you see on a website there are meta data parameters that are unseen, that are just as important. Meta titles, descriptions, types, property etc. are all critical SEO elements helping to inform search engines what site/page is about and it relevance to your key search terms. We ensure meta data is implemented properly and precisely as per search engine requirements and best practices.


By ensuring your site runs fast, we give it best chance for ranking success. To do this we employ a number of techniques including minification, combining and asymmetrical loading of scripts and pre-loading above the fold CSS. As speed affects rank, this is crucial to SERP success.