These Are the Important Types of SEO to Know

POSTED: 23 Dec, 2020

There are several different types of SEO to remember. Our informative guide right here covers the key things to understand.

Are you considering using SEO for your business?

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, constitutes one of the key aspects of modern digital marketing. It consists of a series of processes by which marketers get websites to rank well in search engine queries.

If you own a business, this means that you need to learn to implement SEO in your digital marketing strategy. This helps you compete with similar businesses and give you the ability to gain more customers.

But what is SEO? And what are the different types of SEO?

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What Is SEO?

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that uses the behaviours of search engine algorithms to help websites rank well in search results.

Every time someone posts something on the internet, search engine algorithms crawl them. They determine how to rank the web page in response to various search engine queries.

Fortunately, anyone can learn and implement SEO best practices. You can start using your knowledge of SEO right away to improve the rankings of your website.

Yet, many people find it most helpful to employ professionals trained in SEO. You can do this by either hiring an on-staff marketing team or paying a marketing company to work on your SEO strategy for you.

Types of SEO

So, what are the different types of SEO?

In order to implement your personal SEO strategy, you’ll need some knowledge of the different types of SEO. While we always encourage people to include as many different forms of SEO as possible, some choose to focus more on aspect than another.

And that’s fine! Different SEO tactics tend to work for different companies.

Ready to learn about the kinds of SEO? Let’s go into them below.

On-Page SEO

Put simply, this is SEO that you implement on your web pages directly.

Have you ever done a Google search and gotten results in which the words you typed in are highlighted? That’s because Google processes the words you type into the search bar and matches them with words on a web page.

In order to rank higher up on search results, then, you need to know what your potential clients are searching to find companies such as yours. These words or phrases are known as keywords.

When you do your keyword research and find the words you want to use on your website, incorporate them onto your web page.

On-page SEO also includes links. Putting links on your text, both to other parts of your website and other sources, signals to Google that you are a reliable source, improving your rankings.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO can be much harder for you to control.

It involves other websites linking back to your site, which increases your reliability.

Yet, you can still use link building tactics to try to get the links you want. You can publish high-quality content to which other people want to link and follow news and trending topics.

Do You Want Help With Your SEO Strategy?

Now that you know more about the different types of SEO, you’re ready to start implementing your SEO strategy.

At first, SEO may seem overwhelming. But if you focus on incorporating keywords and links as well as gaining backlinks, you’ll be well on your way to ranking well!

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