To Code or Not To Code: A Guide For Small Business

POSTED: 29 Sep, 2021

Website coding is a pretty complex concept. Let’s take a look at a few things that you should know about website coding.

Research tells us that a poor website can be bad for your business. Interest in website coding and web development has never been bigger. If your website is akin to a well-oiled machine, you can cut marketing costs and gain new customers.

This article will look at the pros and cons of learning to code for yourself, the no-code website building option and using web developers. Read on to find out what’s right for you.

DIY:  Not For The Faint-Hearted.

As lovers of learning, we say if you want to learn a new skill, go for it! Check out this great article from Career Foundry for more information.

However, you need to consider your free time, and yourself as a resource within your business. Websites need maintenance so you need to make sure you can manage this on top of your workload. Unless anyone else in your business is also learning to code, you may find you have taken too much on.

“No-Code” Website Coding.

No-code software does use code but you do not have to know it. No code software is comprised of pre-built ‘blocks’ of code which allow you to basically drag and drop an interface together. If you want to build something simple, and quickly, this is great, and you could teach more people in your business to do it too.

While this design is easy to use, you may experience limitations in functionality. They are more flexible than many templates but lack the true individuality needed by so many businesses. You may find they are not easy to adapt later if your business changes.

Why You Should Hire A Developer.

Web development companies offer a great deal more than just building your website. You might struggle to find time to maintain and update a website. Working with a web development company gives you ongoing support for day to day problems and bigger software updates.

Building a website from scratch with professional developers and designers lets you create a unique website. It will be visually optimised to guide your customer through to enquire or purchase.

Web developers will be able to adapt and change your website should your needs change over time. This protects your investment in the website and means you can continue to grow as a business.

Yes, a developer can be expensive, but no two clients’ needs are the same so no two costs are the same. Many companies offer services above and beyond customised websites like content creation or digital illustration.

How Can I Improve My Website?

The security and safety of working with trusted professionals are unparalleled. We believe your business deserves a website that represents confidence and shows investment in it.

The modern customer is smart. They will get a sense of confidence from you and your business if they can see investment. A poor website design can be very damaging to the customer experience.

Zephyrmedia offers a boutique-style approach to website coding and designing your website. This means there is a customisable plan to suit you. Call or request a quote online today.