Top Social Media Advertising Tips That You Probably Never Knew About

POSTED: 19 Aug, 2021

Do you want to increase your web traffic? Read on to learn about top social media advertising tips that you probably never knew about.

More than half of humanity uses social media. That’s right, over three and a half billion people spend — on average — two and a bit hours on social media each day.

That means there’s no better venue for businesses to get their message out than social media advertising.

But despite the many opportunities offered by social media advertising, lots of companies find themselves struggling to gain a foothold. Why’s that? Probably because they’ve yet to learn a few handy social media advertising tips.

So let’s take a look at what those are, shall we?

Bump Up Your Social Media Advertising’s Quality

Now, don’t worry, we’re not saying your advertising is low quality. What we mean by ‘quality’ is the barometer that big websites like Facebook and Google use to determine where and when to surface your content.

Your advertising could be the highest quality in the world in human terms, but if it doesn’t fit the heavy-hitters’ template of ‘high-quality content’, no one’s going to see it.

The way to pump up your content’s quality metrics is to write smart, engaging stuff (look into a professional blog writing service as a way to achieve this) and then promote it relentlessly. That means paying for pride-of-place for your best content on sites like Facebook.

The engagement that promotion drives will encourage Facebook’s (or Google’s, or anyone’s) algorithms to perceive your content as pertinent, exciting, and relevant. When you publish more stuff in the future, those sites will be far more inclined to surface your content where potential customers can actually see it.

Don’t Spread Yourself Thin

This might seem counterintuitive. After all, if you want to reach a mass audience, it’s better to cast a wide net, right?

Not quite. The best piece of social media advertising advice you can get is to focus, focus, focus! It’s better to be a master of one or two sites than an amateur on ten.

Because big social media sites are constantly changing up their algorithms, staying on top of them can be a mammoth task. Keeping up with, say, Twitter’s algorithm is pretty much a full-time job already. Staying on top of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google, Instagram, and so on?

A recipe for disaster.

That’s why really drilling down and mastering the inner workings of a couple of sites can pay dividends. After all, Facebook has over a billion users on its own. You’re hardly shrinking your potential customer base that much by just focussing on that.

Becoming a Social Media Metric Master

So there you have, a couple of social media advertising tips to set you well on your way to becoming an online ad guru. By crafting content that matches what social media sites expect of you, and circulating it in places you understand deeply, customers will be flocking to you in no time.

And who knows? Pretty soon, you could have a customer base in the hundreds of billions! Not bad for a blog post.

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