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Why do web developers on the Gold Coast prefer WordPress?

A website CMS is a powerful tool that builds a website in a matter of hours or day. Indeed, old days of creating a website used to take days to develop a single-page website through hours of coding. This time-consuming and money-absorbing practice is long gone for good. Even still, WordPress experts can charge similar fees as before.

Before we understand why web developers prefer to create the best and attractive websites in WordPress, let’s look at what WordPress and web developer are.


WordPress is a content management system (CMS) and website creation platform that powers most of the blogging internet, and through proper website development is now also powering business websites.

The WordPress platform provides the online world with powerful features, scalability, and easy content building and maintenance.

With a free and open-source web developers have control over the design and coding the website and without the monthly fee associated with other CMS platforms, ensuring the initial development cost is the only fee you’ll pay.

Web Developer

A web developer is a designer and coder who builds, writes, designs, and executes the development over the internet applications and platforms using various coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and C++.

The web developer works closely with UE/UI designers, project managers, and database creators. The job is essential because without the proper coding and execution of the software the website can suffer from instability and security corruption.

Why we choose WordPress

WordPress is based on popular coding languages PHP, HTML, and CSS with a MySQL database and possible JavaScript. The platform is a self-creation website builder that makes it easy to update and maintain content easily, but knowledge of coding development is still required to produce interesting and fully functioning WordPress themes.

WordPress unique feature is that is uses plug-ins. These plug-ins add extra functionality to websites that allow for customisation of look and feel as well as additional services like SEO or coding optimisation.

Zephyrmedia are experienced web developers on the Gold Coast with extensive experience in every aspect of WordPress site development. If you are looking for a professional web developer on the Gold Coast, deal with a company that knows WordPress inside and out. Contact us today to see how we can give an online experience to enhance your brand and drive traffic to your business.

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