Website Subscription Terms & Conditions

  1. The subscription is paid in advance each month and is only valid while the client continues to pay the subscription fee.
  2. Subscription fee is taken automatically every month from a valid credit card entered at the start of the subscription.
  3. Clients can cancel their subscription at any time after 12 months from subscription commencement, with no fee or penalty. To cancel simply contact to initiate the cancellation process. The website will continue to remain live for the remainder of the month.
  4. This Website subscription service consists of a fully designed and built website containing 4 pages (home, about, services, and contacts). Extra page templates can be added for an additional weekly fee of $5.00 per page.
  5. The website is the exclusive property of Zephyrmedia, though the content contained within the website remains the property of the client. Should the client wish to cancel the service within the first year, there will be a cancellation fee of $999.
  6. The subscription is exclusive to all other website related Zephyrmedia services. This is a full feature service and as such clients cannot switch to any other service options Zephyrmedia offers in regards to website development with the exception of products that are not offered within this subscription (e.g. Google Ads Campaigns).
  7. Zephyrmedia will maintain the website during the subscription period, ensuring it maintains a high level of up-time and operational functionality. This will include updating plug-ins, fixing technical issues that may arise from those updates and general system enhancements as they become available.