How Custom Business Cards Help Your Brand Stand Out

POSTED: 17 May, 2023

Custom business cards featuring a great design will instantly engage their recipients. Learn how these simple, branded items help your organization stand out.

Are you looking to strengthen your brand identity?

Branding can increase sales by 20%. Although digital marketing is the running trend, business cards can have a huge impact on your branding efforts.

It makes the exchange of contact easy, creates a good impression, and boosts branding. If you want to promote your business, this small piece of paper can come in handy.

Continue reading to discover how custom business cards can make your business stand out.

Introduce Your Business Identity

Meetings, events, and exhibitions are back in full bloom once again. These occasions present a multitude of opportunities for businesses to promote their ventures.

Custom business cards can strengthen your marketing efforts when meeting potential clients and partners. Incorporating a specific design on your card creates an identity for your business. Aside from the necessary contact details, a business card showcases what you offer.

The striking and unique graphics create an association with your business. Seeing the logo and scheme as you hand the card makes your brand easier to recognise.

Leave a Great Impression

One of the goals of attending an event is to get the target customers’ attention. However, keep in mind that there are many other entrepreneurs present at these events. So, how do you stand out from the competition and leave a good impression?

With an attractive business card design, you can create a favourable impression. Putting the details in the right place and using the right typography leaves an image of a reputable business. Unlike plain cards, handing custom business cards makes your brand recognisable.

Effective Business Marketing Tool

Most businesses use digital marketing to create brand engagement. With today’s technology, this is an effective way to promote a business. However, you can never use this in an in-person meeting.

Carrying business cards everywhere you go is crucial. When you meet a potential lead, handing them a contact card is more convenient. Remember, readiness creates a professional image.

Potential customers perceive your business as more reputable than other enterprises.

Reaches the Right Market

Did you know that using custom business cards helps you reach your target market? Before production, a business card designer asks for crucial information about the business. Doing so ensures they use the appropriate elements and visuals on the card.

When you order custom business cards, the details are in line with your area of expertise. It highlights what you offer to the market. Custom cards stand out as they display identifiable features.

You can reach the right market, attract potential customers, and generate sales. Business cards can produce up to a 12% conversion rate.

Boost Brand Awareness With Custom Business Cards

Despite technological advances, business cards remain a powerful tool to promote your brand. To strengthen your branding, get custom business cards.  Not sure what to put on your card and which design to use?

Zephyrmedia offers design services focused on lead conversions. If you want an effective way to tell your brand’s story, contact our studio and let us help you.