The Best Graphic Design Trends I’ve Seen in 2020

POSTED: 24 May, 2020

Idea generation is often the hardest part of creating a new design. I’ve collected my favorite design trends from early 2020 to help you out.

The year 2020 is already shaping up to be wholly unprecedented times in our modern era. As the old saying goes, ‘art reflects life’, we will begin to see more and more design that is inspired by the introversion and subtle chaos of the pandemic.

Keep reading to discover 5 current design trends for 2020.

Design Trends to Keep an Eye On

Some of these trends are not new in concept and have, in fact, been around for years. What I feel makes them new and trendy is the manner of usage and their growth in popularity.

1. Monochrome

Designers and advertisers alike are using this minimalistic style to tell their brand story. You’ll see landing pages, photographs and illustrations utilizing only one colour to emphasize their products or subjects. This is a simplification of the duotone trend that occurred a few years back.

The minimalist style gives a sleek appearance. It also allows the designer to utilize the psychology of colour and really hone in on one emotion for the entire piece, creating synergy and connectedness.

2. Typography

This isn’t your grandma’s Times New Roman. Trendy designers use typography as a medium for creative illustration. It will include bold, warped type and everything from flowers and line work to extensive photo masking and geometric shapes. Throughout 2020 and beyond, creative typography will be used to tell the brand story that illustrations and pictures struggle to.

Another trend that will continue to grow is 3D typographical design.

3. 3D and Isometric Illustrations

Three-dimensional illustrations will grow in realism of texture and depiction. We will start to see hyper-realistic humanoid characters, animals and geometric designs.

Isometric design depicts a three-dimensional world in a two-dimensional space. This design appeared several years ago showing a slice of life or miniaturized towns, the inner workings of cell phones, business offices and more. The style has been a professional but relatable, and often comical, way of showing how things work. This trend will continue to grow in flat and 3D design.

Its ability to demonstrate compelling ideas in presentations will help continue this trend into short brand animations.

4. Mixed Media

Mixed media is definitely not the new kid on the block but in 2020 designers are upping their game with illustrations, photo masking and collages. Illustrations mixed with photos offers a cheeky or somewhat ‘laid-back’ depiction of products and people. But don’t confuse this for mid or low-level design, many brands use this to capture the attention of their audience and improve the authenticity of their brand.

5. Brand Animation

As more people are staying home, companies are investing more in their online marketing. For that reason, design trends like short animations will increase in popularity. Animations can demonstrate a concept that will stick with audiences longer than blocks of descriptive text.

Whether they are explainer videos or gif-style repeated motion graphics, animation can help your audience grab onto your brand’s heart and intention.

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Whether it’s flat design or 3D, minimalist or maximalist the style you choose to represent your brand should reflect your products and your audience’s tastes. No matter the design trends, what is important is that your voice and brand story come through. The design is just the medium to be more authentic and communicate more effectively with your tribe.

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