Top 5 Latest Web Design Trends for 2022

POSTED: 20 Dec, 2021

Do you want to make sure you’re up to date with the latest web design trends for 2022? Keep reading and learn more here.

Do you want your business to stand out?

Over 2 million small businesses exist in Australia. Even at a local level, distinguishing yourself from competitors is hard. However, your website design can help with your brand identity.

Without enough experience, you might feel confused about how to start. The good news is our guide can help. Read on and learn about the latest web design trends to improve your website now:

1. Simplicity

Most businesses have severe challenges as they go into 2022. If you want your business to grow, making roadblocks to your customer engagement isn’t sustainable. How does that work when applied to web design?

It means using fewer words, vivid visuals, and calming colours. Your website must also have clear calls to action (CTA). Most page designs will gravitate towards lighter-weight experiences to encourage visitors to explore.

With this, websites are less likely to put everything upfront. Most will involve simple messages imploring users to learn more.

2. Safety First

The past few years have overwhelmed people and changed the way people engage. A lot of Australians feel anxious nowadays. As such, web design trends are moving towards making people feel safe.

Newer webpages are putting more imagery evoking outdoor spaces. Some use home decor-inspired designs. Regardless, you can use it to make natural, organic shapes to help people feel inspired and alive.

Your objective is to help visitors feel like they’re in a new space. At the same time, they must feel as safe as if they’re at home.

3. Customisation and Accessibility

Aside from aesthetics, your website design will enjoy accessibility. After all, more devices accommodate visitors with visual or hearing impairments.

Web design succeeded in implementing mobile-first and secure websites. Now accessibility is the focus to achieve a holistic site. It means security, design, and content strategy must cater to everyone.

4. Positive Mindsets

A lot of design trends use cultural mindsets as their motivation. A lot of negativity often obscures and confuses the concept of the modern internet. It’s the prevalence of information overload, which hinders our coping and understanding.

If you want to succeed, focus on your user experience. Use growth and recovery with your brand message and imagery.

Help your visitors instead of directing them.

5. Sharing, Not Telling

Inspiring your intended audience with your brand message means using surprising and engaging visuals. As such, newer website design trends often show background videos and animations. All these engage your visitors’ minds while adding a gentle motion to your pages.

Combine it with other digital marketing and web design tips to maximize your customer experience.

Ride These Web Design Trends Now

These are some of the best web design trends around. Never let your website stagnate. Use these trends to guide your website coding decisions in 2022 and beyond.

However, it’s better to pair up with a professional web design agency to make the most out of your investment.

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